26, Thursday                          Departure from Los Angeles
The big day has arrived! This afternoon, we’ll meet at the Los Angeles International Airport at 1:55 p.m. , three hours before departure and check in for the transatlantic flight to Amsterdam. Our departing flight is  KL 604    Lv.  4:55 p.m.      Ar. 12:10 p.m.   (the next day, May 27)

27, Friday                               Amsterdam, Warsaw
                                                B-IN-FLIGHT                        L-Independent                                           D-Shabbat dinner

We’ll change planes in Amsterdam (KL  1365   Lv.  2:30 p.m.   Ar.   4:25 p.m. in Warsaw) and continue to Warsaw, Poland’s capital and largest city, arriving by late afternoon. Following customs formalities, we’ll take a private transfer to the hotel to check in for a four-night stay. We plan to join the local Jewish community for Shabbat services, and then eat afterwards.

28, Saturday                           Warsaw
                                                B-Hotel                                L-Independent                                           D-Independent
After a good night’s sleep and breakfast, we’re ready to do some exploring! We’ll take a bus and walking tour of Warsaw’s Old Town that includes the Cathedral of St. John, Monument to the Ghetto Heroes, the POLIN Museum of the History of the Polish Jews, and the Uprising Museum. We’ll then have some free time to explore Warsaw and have independent dinner.

29, Sunday                              Warsaw
                                                B-Hotel                                   L-Independent                                           D-Independent

We’ll attend Sunday morning Mass at a Warsaw cathedral. Using public transportation this afternoon, we’ll visit the Nozyk Synagogue and the Okopowa Street Jewish Cemetery.

30, Monday                             Warsaw
                                                B-Hotel                                 L-Independent                                           D-Independent
We’ll have a full day in Warsaw under the direction of our professors, including a meeting with students from the Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

31, Tuesday                            Sandomierz, Leżajsk, Rzeszów
                                                B-Hotel                                                   L-Independent                                           D-hotel

Departing Warsaw, we’ll travel by motorcoach south to Kazimierz Dolny, a beautiful old town, and then stop in to Chodel, where Avital's ancestors lived.  We will stop at Leżajsk, one of the towns on the Chasidic route.  Our last stop that day is Rzeszów. After visiting the synagogue, cemetery, and ghetto in Rzeszów, we’ll check into our hotel for a two-night stay and have dinner.

01, Wednesday                       Sanok, Rymanów, Rzeszów
                                                B-Hotel                                                   L-Independent                                           D-Independent

Spend the day visiting Jewish sites in the area. We’ll then travel to Sanok to visit the Historical Museum (known for its vast collection of icons and works by Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński) and will take a guided tour of the Museum of Folk Architecture (also known as Ethnographic Park). After visiting the synagogue and cemetery in nearby Rymanów, we’ll return to Rzeszów.

02, Thursday                          Tarnów, Kraków
                                                B-Hotel                                                   L-Independent                                           D-Independent

Heading east, we’ll make a stop in Tarnów to visit the Ethnographic Museum, and then continue to Kraków. After dropping off our luggage at a hotel in the Kazimierz area, we’ll take a walking tour of the city with a local guide, including Wawel Cathedral, the Royal Castle, and St. Mary’s Church.

03, Friday                               Kraków
                                                B-Hotel                                                   L-Independent                                           D- Jewish Community Center

We will take a walking tour of Kazimierz, followed by a visit to the Galicia Jewish Museum. Dinner and Shabbat services will be at the Jewish Community Centre.

04, Saturday                           Kraków
                                                B-Hotel                                                   L-Independent                                           D-Independent

We’ll start the day with a visit to the Shindler's Factory Museum.  There may be an opportunity to rent canoes or kayaks at Bagry Lagoon, weather permitting.

05, Sunday                              Oswiecim, Vienna
                                                B-Hotel                                                   L-Independent                                           D-Independent

This morning we’ll travel by motorcoach to Oswiecim to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp with a local guide. Continue traveling through Poland and the Czech Republic to reach Austria, with rest stops along the way. Our destination is Vienna, Austria’s elegant capital city. Check into our hotel for a three-night stay.

06, Monday                             Vienna
                                                B-Hotel                                                   L-Independent                                           D-Restaurant

Start the day with a guided walking tour of Vienna that includes buildings along the Ring, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Holocaust Memorial, and a visit to the Sigmund Freud Museum. The afternoon will be free to explore Vienna. At 7:00 p.m., we’ll enjoy dinner at a restaurant together.   

07, Tuesday                            Vienna
                                                B-Hotel                                                   L-Independent                                           D-Independent

Using local transportation, we’ll take an excursion to Schönbrunn Palace, built as a royal hunting lodge for the Habsburg family. Return to Vienna for some free time and independent dinner. At 8:00 p.m., we’ll meet at the Hofburg where we’ll attend the 8:30 p.m. performance of Wiener Hofburg Orchestra: Strauss & Mozart in Vienna. What a wonderful way to end our trip!

08, Wednesday                       Return to Los Angeles
                                                B-BOXES                                                   L-in-flight                                                  D-in-flight

At 4:00 a.m., our bus will arrive for the transfer to Vienna’s International Airport. Here we’ll board the flight to Amsterdam and then on to Los Angeles.

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